RTCRtcpParameters dictionary provides parameters of an RTCP connection. It's used as the value of the rtcp 特性为 parameters of an RTCRtpSender or RTCRtpReceiver .


The Canonical Name (CNAME) being used by RTCP. This is used, for example, in SDES (SDP security descriptions) messages, described in RFC 4568 . This property cannot be changed once initialized.
A Boolean value indicating whether or not reduced size RTCP is configured. If this value is true , reduced size RTCP (described in RFC 5506 ) is in effect. If false , compund RTCP is in use, as found in RFC 3550 . This property cannot be changed once initialized.


This example obtains the canonical name (CNAME) being used for RTCP on an RTCRtpSender or RTCRtpReceiver .

function getRtpCNAME(rtpObject) {
  let parameters = rtpObject.getParameters();
  return parameters.rtcp.cname;


规范 状态 Comment
WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers
The definition of 'RTCRtcpParameters' in that specification.
候选推荐 初始定义。


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