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PaymentValidationErrors dictionary represents objects providing information about any and all errors that occurred while processing a payment request. When validation of the PaymentResponse returned by the or PaymentResponse.retry() methods fails, your code creates a PaymentValidationErrors object to pass into retry() so that the user agent knows what needs to be fixed and what if any error messages to display to the user.


error 可选
A general description of a payment error from which the user may attempt to recover by retrying the payment, possibly after correcting mistakes in the payment information. error can be provided all by itself to provide only a generic error message, or in concert with the other properties to serve as an overview while other properties' values gude the user to errors in specific fields in the payment form.
payer 可选
A PayerErrors compliant object which provides appropriate error messages for any of the fields describing the payer which failed validation.
paymentMethod 可选
Any payment method specific errors which may have occurred. This object's contents will vary depending on the payment used. For example, if the user chose to pay by credit  card using the basic-card payment method, this is a BasicCardErrors 对象。
shippingAddress 可选
An AddressErrors object which contains error messages for any of the fields in the shipping address that failed validation.



规范 状态 Comment
支付请求 API 候选推荐 初始定义。
Basic Card Payment 工作草案 Defines BasicCardErrors


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